Spaceman Dressing Up Childrens


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5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Blast off!

This Spaceman dressing up childrens outfit by Pretend to Bee is a dressing up box essential for any child who has dreamt about becoming an astronaut, travelling into space and walking on the moon. The costume is an all-in-one bi-stretch spacesuit with foil knee and elbow pads and even has a NASA printed symbol and 3 stars decorating the front chest. The spacesuit comes with an essential padded soft helmet which is also emblazoned with three gold stars.

Our astronaut dress up features:

  • Zip front spacesuit
  • Soft padded helmet
  • NASA and star decoration
  • Padded foil elbow and knee pads
Our Pretend to Bee Astronaut spacesuit comes in two sizes from 3-7 years and is available with free UK delivery if your order is £50 or more.