Children's Romeo Elizabethan Costume


We know how it is, you've received the dreaded letter home from school, your child needs to dress in an Elizabethan costume, where do you start?!  Well, there's no need to be sewing late into the night, this fabulous Romeo costume has everything you need for a perfect Elizabethan look without ever lifting a needle!

The costume includes a gold braid trimmed velour tunic with satin padded shoulders and detachable red satin lined cloak.

Now put your feet up and have a laugh at all the other parents desperately searching pinterest for Elizabethan costume ideas!

A note on safety:

We take product safety very seriously. All of our children's dress up costumes are tested to stringent EN71 standards to ensure they comply with the European Toy Safety Directive. This Directive includes flammability testing as well as other important safety considerations. 
We would recommend anyone buying a costume for a child always checks for a CE mark on the packaging, this will ensure it has been evaluated and complies to European legislation.