Children's Tiger Dress Up


  • Product Description

      We just adore this children's tiger dress up. We also do a version for tiny children, absolutely perfect if you want your two children to dress up and look the same, which is usually very difficult to do.

      The plush costume is very soft and comfy to wear and with furry whiskers and a padded nose, it is unbelievably cute too. The outfit comes complete with a tail and fake (soft) claws to add to the tigery effect.

      Our tiger dress up features:

      • Plush tiger costume
      • Feature hood with furry whiskers and padded nose
      • Tail and fake claws
      • Zip fastening across the front
      • Washable at 40 degrees


       Size ;       18-24 mth     2-3 years        3-5 years            6-8 years                   

      Height;      86-92 cm         92.98 cm       98-110 cm         116-128 cm                

      Chest;      51-53 cm         53-55 cm         54-62 cm            60-66 cm                     

      Waist;      51-52 cm         51-53 cm         53-56 cm            58-60 cm  

      Suitable for young children, our tiger dress up comes with free delivery on order over å£