About Us - timetodressup

I'm the owner of Time to Dress Up.  I have worked in retail for much of my career as a Buyer for large multinational brands such as Littlewoods, Makro and Matalan, and more recently with other well-known High Street names to develop new products and ranges for them.
 When the opportunity came to become part of Time to Dress up, I jumped at the chance.  Sourcing and developing the best products are what makes me happy and knowing that my experience with the big brands is really helping to offer my customers at Time to Dress Up the very best baby's and children's costumes for play, parties and special days is really rewarding. 
Like all mums much of what I know about children I have learned from playing with and listening to my own sons as they were growing up. Being a parent or guardian is really the most important job of all isn't it?  
 Once upon a time raising a family seemed much simpler than it is nowadays; dad went out to work and mum stayed at home to take care of the children.  These days families come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing that hasn't changed is the importance of allowing our children the freedom to play, the chance to escape into a world of make-believe and fun.  
 Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning when in fact play helps our children to learn in a fun and enjoyable way. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that the more they play the more resilient and socially adept they become which is great news for us as parents and grandparents.
 At Time to Dress Up our aim is to make the process of finding high-quality dress up costumes and accessories easy, so whatever has brought you to our website today thank you for stopping by - it means a lot. Our costumes are designed to be worn and to last, so let your imagination run wild and believe in the art of what's possible.
 Thank you for your interest in Time to Dress Up.
Here's to creating memorable dress up moments...