Middle Eastern Girl Abaya and Hijab Outfit


  • Product Description

      A classic two-piece Arab or Middle Eastern girl's outfit which comprises the traditional headdress and a long flowing tunic.

      The traditional headdress or hijab is made from a white bi-stretch polyester fabric which covers the head and forms a cape over the shoulders and the chest.

      The floor length beige coloured long sleeved tunic or abaya has overlocked hems and seams and is loose fitting for comfort and authenticity.

      Both the headdress and the tunic have velcro fastenings making them very easy to put on and take off and wear over normal clothes.

      Your child will really look the part. This outfit is perfect as an educational aid, for school plays or simply for dressing up.

      100% Polyester. Washable.

      A note on safety:

      We take product safety very seriously. All of our children's dress up costumes are tested to stringent EN71 standards to ensure they comply with the European Toy Safety Directive. This Directive includes flammability testing as well as other important safety considerations. 

      We would recommend anyone buying a costume for a child always checks for a CE mark on the packaging, this will ensure it has been evaluated and complies to European legislation.