World Book Day - What is it? Vicky Powell-Carden February 06 2018, 0 Comments

World Book Day

What is World Book Day? 

If you are a new parent, or your little people are only just attending pre school, nursery or playgroups, then you will be asking yourself this question!

World Book Day is an annual event with the ultimate goal of encouraging children to pick up a book and read. Run by a charity UNESCO  to promote reading and education to children of all ages.

This year (2018) will be the 21st World Book Day event and in the Uk is on 1st March.

Is 2018 a year of milestones for your little one? Vicky Powell-Carden January 07 2018, 0 Comments

What sort of new milestones will your little one reach this year? Starting nursery, school or moving from infants to juniors? Reaching an important birthday?