Is 2018 a year of milestones for your little one?

Posted on January 07 2018

Is 2018 a year of milestones for your little one?

What sort of new milestones will your little one reach this year? Starting nursery, school or moving from infants to juniors? Reaching an important birthday? 1st Birthdays are super important for parents and family, but it's 2nd birthday onwards when little ones understand the party! 

For under 5's here's a great little milestone tool (source: NHS)

For parents with children starting at nursery, pre school or school, it can be a huge step for parents and children. It's their first step to independence - time away from the family home, but it's an opportunity for them to meet and play with other children and interact with other adults. We speak to lots of nursery schools and play schools, supplying them with costumes for their premises, and they tell us that children love to dress up, role play and pretend play is a big part of their day, and despite children often wearing things back to front, inside out, they love putting on a costume or outfit and pretending to be someone or something else.

Check out the list below of our top 3 costumes for nursery (pre school) children:

1. Dinosaurs - popular with young and older children 


2. Fairies - wings, wands, tulle skirts and dresses, always a favourite

3. Lion - Our lion costumes are favourites for babies, toddlers and pre schoolers. They love to be able to ROAR!

Do you agree with our list? 

For anyone expecting a baby in 2018, it's the Chinese year of the Dog. And according to Chinese astrology, it's one of the best Chinese signs to be! A dog is the symbol of honesty and being loyal, faithful, friendly, intelligent and responsible.

chinese new year dog

From visiting China many many times, especially at this time of year, it is lovely to see how the Chinese welcome their new year with celebrations that encourage success and achievement. They give out small red envelopes to children and family members, with a small amount of money enclosed, to encourage good luck, and the red (of the envelope) is to keep evil spirits at bay! 

Here's our own Chinese New Year Dog Costume!

So have you updated your diary with upcoming birthdays? Parties? Events? Do you need to start planning and getting organised? Before you know it, it'll be Christmas again!!


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