A Quick Guide to the Perfect Kids Fancy Dress Costumes for Busy Mums By Ayshea Elliott

Posted on April 07 2014

Kids love to dress up, whether it’s in imaginative play or for a fancy dress party, put a child in a dress up costume and they’re happy.

Here’s a quick guide to the important things to consider when choosing a dress up costume for your child:

  1. Comfort

I once went to a Halloween party and saw a 2 year old red-faced and grumpy as she scratched and tugged at a witches dress up outfit. The poor little girl looked so uncomfortable and unhappy, I vowed never to dress my child in anything that was less comfortable than their day-to-day clothes. Key things to check to make sure your little one is comfortable in their fancy dress costume are:

-          Fabric thickness (i.e. don’t dress them in fur on a summer’s day!).

-          Scratchy seams/fabric labels

-          Fabric comfort


  1. Their Interests

I love seeing a child dressed in a fancy dress costume they really love, there’s nothing quite like seeing a Winnie the Pooh fan toddling around with a beaming smile dressed as the bear himself. Choose a kids dress up outfit your child will be proud to wear, make sure they have some say in what they dress up as… they can usually be guided back in the right direction if they decide on something ridiculous!


  1. Quality

Many parents don’t factor in quality when choosing a kids fancy dress costume, but I’ve found cheap dress up outfits to be a real false economy. After just one wear, a cheap outfit can be torn, stained and unusable. I’ve found that the better-quality kids fancy dress costumes I’ve had have literally lasted for years and have been used time and time again for imaginative play and repeated fancy dress parties, especially when I’ve sized up and bought outfits on the larger side.


  1. Ease of dressing/removal

Kids fancy dress costumes should be as easy to put on and off as humanly possible. For baby dress up outfits, poppers to allow nappy changes are an absolute essential. For older children, something they can slip on and off themselves when dressing up at home will save you precious time when they change their minds after 2 minutes of playing and want to wear something else (!!).

So, take all these into account when choosing a kids fancy dress costume and I promise you’ll be onto a winner. For great ideas and costumes that meet all of the above, take a look at our range at timetodressup.co.uk.

Ayshea x



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