A Party Fit For a Princess

Posted on April 03 2015

Frozen was so 2014, it’s all about Cinderella in 2015 with the release of the latest adaptation directed by Kenneth Branagh so there’s no better time to throw a princess party.

 A princess party is a delightful theme for your little girl’s birthday and whilst it seems very gender-specific, don’t forget, every princess wants her prince, so boys are allowed!

The enchanted castle


To decorate for a princess party I think anything girly works.  So think pom poms, balloons, feathers etc in pinks and lilacs.  A nice touch, is to get a balloon arch made for the princesses to walk through on arrival.

Feel adventurous? Try your hand at balloon swords and tiaras!  There are lots of how to guides on the web and kids are always super impressed with these.

You will go to the ball

Party games and activities are a must to keep the kids entertained and stop them running wild. Here are our top 5 princess themed games…

Princess says - this is a princess adaptation of simon says.  Gather the children round and start asking them to do things by saying”princess says”, for example “princess says touch your elbow”, all the children then have to do the action.  Keep saying different actions, but catch them out by  not starting with “princess says” - anyone who does the action when you’ve not said “princess says” is out.

Sleeping beauty - Have all the children lie down and pretend to be a sleeping beauty.  Explain that if they ‘wake up’ they’ll be out of the game. Try to wake them up by making them laugh or pretending there’s something interesting to look at. The last sleeping beauty is the winner.

Crown decorating - Gather the kids round a table with some plain crowns and lots of sequins and jewels  so they can make their own crown to wear during the party and take home.

Jewel hunt – Hide Jewels and gems around the party venue and task the children to go and hunt them out within a set time limit.  The child with the most jewels at the end wins!

Kiss the frog – This is a princess party version of pin the tail on the donkey.  Print a picture of a frog and some separate lips from the internet.  Give the lips to each child with some blu-tack attached, blindfold them, point them at the frog and let them attach their lips.

The banquet

Get creative and turn your standard children’s party buffet into a banquet fit for a king princess with these tips…

1. Use a crown shaped cutter for your sandwiches

2. Top a fruit kebab with a star shaped piece of watermelon to create a wand

3. Think pink - pink party rings, pink marshmallows, pink macaroons, pink lemonade

A parting gift

At the end of the party, you’ll probably want to send your guests home with a party bag. I think a little satin pouch is a cute alternative to a more standard party bag.  You can fill this with some costume jewellery other princess related trinkets.

Take a look at our princess fancy dress top 10 to choose the perfect party outfit or browse the full range, we also have a great range of costumes for boys including medieval princes and knights.

Be sure to share your photos of your princess party, we’d love to see how it all goes!


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