Top 5 Happy Mum, Healthy Tum Party Foods

Posted on June 10 2015

It’s easy to please children when it comes to party food…cakes, sweets and crisps all go down a treat, but no parent will thank you if they’re bouncing off the walls at home time.  Of course you have to include some treat foods, it is a party after all!  But you can please parents with some healthy options, and we’ll tell you how to make healthy fun in our favourite top 5 happy mum, healthy tum party foods…

5. Rainbow Fruit Kebabs

Stack fruits with all the colours of the rainbow onto a wooden skewer for a bright  and healthy party snack:

Violet - Red
Indigo - Black grapes
Blue - Blueberries
Green - Green grapes or honeydew melon
Yellow - Mango or pineapple
Orange - Tangerine segment or cantaloupe melon
Red - Strawberry, raspberry

Add a pot of natural yoghurt to the side for dipping.

4. Roasted sweet potato wedges

These make a great healthy alternative to chips and sweet potato is a big hit with children.  Simply peel some sweet potatoes and chop into wedges before roasting in the oven with garlic and a little thyme and olive oil.  These will be an even bigger hit if you serve them up in a traditional fries box!

3. Sandwiches

Create a more interesting sandwich platter by cutting them into shapes with cookie cutters and use healthy fillings like ham salad or cheese and tomato.  If you’ve got the time, try traffic light sandwiches - I remember making these in school and thinking they were really fun.  You fill the sandwich with tomato at the top, grated carrot in the middle and cucumber or lettuce at the bottom, using hummus as a spread. Create circular holes in the top slice of bread with a corer so the colour of the fillings show through - and you have your traffic light sandwich!

2. Chocolate coated strawberries

Let them enjoy some chocolate indulgence whilst getting one of their five a day!  Strawberries coated in chocolate are a great sweet snack for children and will go down a treat so make sure you put plenty out for them.

Pitta bread pizzas

Pizza is a great party food and can be made in a healthy way that the kids will still enjoy. Spread some tomato puree on wholemeal pitta breads then add some child friendly toppings like ham and pineapple, top with grated cheese and bake in the oven for around 10 mins - delicious!


Have you got any kids party food ideas that are a good healthy option?  Let us know in the comments section below.


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