Which World Book Day Mum Are You?

Posted on February 11 2016

Which World Book Day Mum Are You?

It’s that time of year again, the dreaded letter will be in school bags anytime soon, yes, it’s World Book Day on Thursday 3rd March.

I don’t know what it is about World Book Day, but it brings out the worst in us all… I have a theory that there are 6 types of World Book Day mums.  What do you reckon, do you agree and which one are you?

The ‘Oh Balls, I Forgot' Mum

We all know the one, she posts on Facebook asking when the money for the trip needs to be in (last week), she always has to pop home after the school run for the PE kit and she definitely can’t be expected to remember bloody World Book Day!  She will order something on next day delivery and just hope she hasn’t missed the cut off, next year she will definitely be more organised… DEFINITELY!

The Competitive Super-Mum

This Mum is probably on the PTA.  She always looks pristine and her little darlings are always winning awards.  She came up with a completely original idea for World Book Day and of course it was hand sewn weeks ago.  Whether the child can see/walk is of secondary importance to how impressive the costume is.  Her child will definitely win first prize and you’ll grudgingly know that the costume deserves it, but seriously, where does she find the time and how can she be bothered?!

Typical Competitive Super-Mum behaviour…

 homemade gruffalo costume

"Don't worry that she can't see, it's HAND SEWN!"

Malificient Homemade costume
"It was actually really easy to make, I just needed a couple of unicorn horns and some onyx and I was done!"

The ‘I’m Too Busy For This' Mum

This Mum is probably juggling a full time job and two kids, she isn’t often seen at school but when she’s there she’s probably doing a half-run and checking her watch.  She seriously HAS NOT GOT TIME FOR THIS SHIT and World Book Day is way down her priority list.  She will definitely either order a ready made costume or maybe re-use one that is already in the dressing up box.  Superman was in a book right?!

Superman and supergirl costumes

The 'Saw it on Pinterest, Nailed It' Mum

This Mum has all the best intentions.  In fact, she’s been doing some serious research and has found an amazing post on Pinterest by a blogger in Idaho who loves to create.  OK, so maybe she’s left it a bit late to get started, but come on, how hard can it be to sew a tiger costume from scratch?  At 3am the morning before World Book Day, the costume looks frankly, shite.  It is nothing like the pinterest post… but it looked so easy!!!  It will just have to do now, she’s already shattered and the kids have swimming tomorrow.  She will just have to deal with the tantrum in the morning when it becomes clear that the tiger is more of a ginger rabbit type thing.  It will have to do!

The ‘I’ve Done it All Before' Mum

This Mum has 2, 3, maybe even 4 kids of school age.  World Book Day?  It takes a lot more than that to phase her.  Sure, years ago she might have stayed up late sewing a costume, but now?  Get real!  All kids have picked their own costumes and she really isn’t going to argue about something this trivial.  The youngest has come as Elsa and the oldest is wearing something torn and dirty which is hopefully supposed to be a character.  It will do!

 The ‘Let’s Wing It' Mum

This Mum definitely isn’t a planner, things will just work out for her one way or another and she’ll wing her way through it.  A few days before World Book Day she’ll have a look through the kids’ wardrobe and throw something together… a stripy jumper?  You can be Where’s Wally… a scruffy shirt and pants, throw them on and you’re Charlie Bucket.  It’s easy when you wing it and worst case scenario they can go in their own clothes and be from Diary of a Wimpy Kid… easy!

"We've got a gilet and a Granny wig, you can go as Jeremy Clarkson"
(Picture sourced from Daily Mail dailymail.co.uk)

So come on, admit it, you know at least one of these mums?  Comment below with any I've missed or any you agree with!

Of course, you can always order a ready-made costume from our World Book Day range at Time to Dress Up.


Ayshea xxx



  • Nickie: February 13, 2016

    Love this Ayshea. I am definitely a too busy mum. The whole thing is a dam inconvenience. I think I have a robot costume somewhere…has anyone got a robot book?

  • Charlotte: February 12, 2016

    I’m a cross between the ‘Let’s Wing It’ Mum and Pinterest mum. For last years Sir Charlie Stinky Socks I bought material and made the tabard but teamed it up with a belt off one of my skirts and one of his long sleeved tops with grey arms and a pair of Jeans.

  • Fashion and Style Police: February 12, 2016

    Looking forward to doing all these with my kids when they are older. Great post.

  • hannah: February 12, 2016

    I remember World Book Day when I was in school. I’d get really excited about it cause we could bring in our books and read them all day. Before Harry Potter was as big as it was now, I remember bringing in Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban and a few people in my class were really interested in who Harry was. I also used to love the book fairs that would come in x

  • Kate Lytham: February 12, 2016

    LOL so true! I am ashamed to say that last year I was the supermum but this year I might not be as haven’t started yet.

  • meimei: February 11, 2016

    I remember dressing up as Alice in Wonderland for world book days all those years ago. I am not a mum but I’d like to think that I’d be the The ‘Saw it on Pinterest, Nailed It’ Mum – haha

    meimei xx

  • Stephen: February 11, 2016

    I am not a mum, but I would definitely be the ‘Oh balls I forgot it’ parent.

  • Abby: February 11, 2016

    I have been all of the above at one time or another. Brilliant article Ayshea. Made me smile. X

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