Forget the BBQ, it’s Fairy Weather!

Posted on June 08 2015

Outdoors play benefits children’s physical and emotional well-being and feeds their imagination from the sensory diversity surrounding them. But, with lots of tech and typical British weather, it can be hard to encourage your child to get outdoors and play.

So with the weather taking a turn for the better (finally!), it’s time to start thinking about ways to get the kids of the sofa and out in the garden or down to the local park.  Why not get them to start using their imagination with the help of some dress-up?


We have a wide range of beautiful fairy costumes that are perfect for exploring the outdoor world of an enchanted garden in the warm weather.

With such a beautiful range on offer, we’ve put together tour top 5 fairy dress-up to help you encourage some outdoor play in the sunshine!

1. Peach Melba Fairy Dress Up

Available for babies and older children in a range of sizes aged 18 months to 8 years, this beautiful velour and organza dress in pastel colours is perfect for summer and come complete with a yellow wand and pretty flowers.

2. Strawberry Fairy Dress Up

Perfect for going strawberry picking and super sweet, our Strawberry Fairy dress up comes in beautiful shades of red and comes with a pretty green headband…the topping on the strawberry! This costumes comes in a range of sizes from 18 months to 5 years.

3. Fuchsia Fairy Dress Up

In bright tones of purple and fuchsia, this magical floral dress up comes complete with fairy wings and floral headband, perfect for the boldest of fairies.  This fairy costume is available in a range of sizes for 3-11 year olds.

4. Apple Blossom Fairy Dress Up

This detailed adorable fairy dress in apple green, features pink petals within the layers of the skirt. Available for fairies aged 3-8 years, it’s perfect for some sunshine fun in the garden.

5. Fairy Baby Fancy Dress Costume

Even the youngest of children can benefit from some imaginative play outside, and our baby fairy costume is just the thing.  Available for babies aged just 3 months, up to 3 years, this cute pink costume comes complete with soft butterfly wings.

You never know when we’ll get more sunshine, so make the most of it and get your little fairies out to play.


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