Throw the best kids Halloween party EVER! Here’s how…

Posted on September 09 2018

Throw the best kids Halloween party EVER! Here’s how…

Here at Time to Dress Up we love a good party and Halloween has to be one of our favourite times of the year. Whether you are planning a large Halloween party or a small get-together for your youngsters or teenagers and their friends, a little planning can go a long way toward helping everyone has a great time. Follow some basic safety guidelines and encourage everyone to have 
F U N.
Get started!
Before you begin planning the party, divide up the jobs getting friends and family members involved. Make sure you allocate some jobs to the kids too! Consider hosting the party in conjunction with another parent or family member, then, you'll be guaranteed to have at least one more person to help with the budget and the preparations as well as other adults to help supervise the party.

Perfect planning is 4 to 6 Weeks before the Halloween Party
Whilst it's possible to throw a great party at the last minute, planning ahead for a few weeks can make for a much better (and less stressful) party. You'll be assured that more children are able to attend and you'll have time to decorate and plan some fun activities.

Make some essential decisions
Answer a few basic questions about the party before you begin:
How large will the party be?
Is it for children and adults?
Can you have it at home or do you need a bigger space? If the party is to be held in an outside venue make sure it is booked in good time.
What day and time will the party be?
What are the rules going to be?
If you host the party in your home, you may want to use a part of  of the house only, preferably with direct access to the bathroom. Block off the rest of the house with spider webs, black sheets, or other decorations and make it clear that party guests should stay in the party area.

How much do you want to spend?
Think about how much you want to invest in the party. Then, consider how much to spend on decorations, food, and activities. The more you can do or make yourself the further your budget will go.
Remember that food can often serve as a decoration. For instance, Halloween punch with a floating frozen hand makes a great Halloween table decoration and glow in the dark bat decorations can be a "count the bats" party game too.

Choose a Halloween Theme
Is your party going to have a specific theme or just be general Halloween-themed and spooky? While a theme isn't always needed, it can help you and your guests choose what to wear and set the tone for your party.
How about this for a witch theme?
Invite the Guests
After you set the date and time for the party, you’ll need to get invitations ready.
While formal invitations used to be put in the mail, your child may simply want to call friends or invite them over email or social media. You'll ideally want a good idea ahead of time of how many kids will be coming.
Parents may also want to contact you to check on all the arrangements and some may want to offer to help make treats for the party.

2 to 4 Weeks Before the Halloween Party
Once you have the big picture planned, you can begin to plan the smaller details of the party.

Pick a Halloween Costume
Help your child decide what they are going to wear.  That’s where Time to Dress Up comes in. We have a fab collection of Halloween outfits perfect for the party. You also might decide that you and other parents are going to dress up too. Just make sure you have something that distinguishes you from the other guests.

Plan the Menu
Are you planning to do make your own fun Halloween treats or you will be buying most of the goodies? Pick foods that you can prepare before the day of the party so you can free up time for decorating and costumes.
Unless the kids will be eating a sit down meal, out tip is to stick to simple food that can be eaten while standing up – it will no doubt be difficult to get the children all seated when there is so much fun to be had.
Some fun food ideas are spider pizzas with the spiders made from strips of pepper, cupcakes decorated as Frankenstein and chocolate tombstone biscuits. When it comes to Halloween food coloured icing is your friend!

Decide on Activities
While you don't want to make the party completely structured, a few activities can go a long way toward keeping kids entertained. Here are some other activities you might consider:
A food-related contest. Put on a pie eating contest or go bobbing for apples. Use a black plastic table cloth to keep the house clean.
A fun apple contest. Replace bobbing by stringing up apples from the ceiling or outside washing line (if the weather is kind) at different heights. See how fast your kids can eat the apple with their hands behind their back.
Run a costume contest. Use categories like the most original costume, spookiest costume, funniest costume and best group costume.

Get the Decorations Ready
You might find you're able to use many objects you already have around the house to decorate. For example, Christmas white lights can add to the eeriness of a party room.
Some music can help set the stage too. Look for Halloween play lists that you can play during the party. Spooky music can set the mood.
Spider webs, pumpkins, and inexpensive decorations can go a long way to helping everyone have a good time. Pumpkins can be painted as well as carved so let your imagination run riot here!

Purchase Supplies
Make a list and write it all down. It is easy to forget the simple things and a pain to go back to the shops or make a last minute online order for a much-needed recipe ingredient or forgotten item.

At the Halloween Party
Relax and enjoy the event.
Help greet guests and start activities.
Helpful parents will want to be around ready to lend a hand
Keep the food table stocked, the supplies for activities available.
Assemble a clean-up crew to help pick up after the event is over.

Here’s to throwing the BEST HALLOWEEN PARTY EVER! Don’t forget to share your pictures with us here at Time to Dress Up – you’ll find us on Facebook and Instagram.


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