Too cool for World Book Day fancy dress? Just raid your wardrobe...

Posted on February 06 2015

Little kids love to dress up and many adults enjoy a good fancy dress party too, but there is a sticky area somewhere in the middle.  Some older kids have closed the lid on their dressing up box and feel they're just too cool for childish dressing up anymore.

So when World Book Day comes around and their school instructs them to dress up as their favourite literary character, there may be some grumbles and stomping about. Fear not!  There are alternatives, and the variety of literary characters to choose from means dress up can be minimal to still get the effect. The best option in this scenario is to look at characters who wear 'normal' clothes.  That way, they're still taking part but don't have to stray too far from their comfort zone.

To dress up as Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, all it takes is a dark top, some cargo pants and a lightweight jacket - great if you can get a bow and arrow accessory and braid your hair to the side too.

Alex Rider is a spy character from books by Anthony Horowitz and a perfect character for any surly teenager this World Book Day.  All you need is black jeans, black jacket, black converse, a white or black tshirt/shirt and some spy gadgets

To go as Horrid Henry you will need to find a blue top with yellow stripe, but once that's sorted it's simply a case of wearing this with jeans and trainers.  Be sure to mess up their hair, or for even less effort, just let them get out of bed without brushing/combing it before they set off!

Possibly our simplest World Book Day dress up for kids who don't really want to be involved, is to go as the Whimpy Kid.  For this costume, team a pair of black shorts with a white t-shirt and a black backpack and you're done!  You could always try and convince them to print off a cartoon head mask, but that's probably pushing it.

Of course, we believe you're never too old for dress up, but if they even refuse the go as any of the above ideas, they can always just turn up and be Mr Grumpy!


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