Sue’s top tips for fun-filled summer days …

Posted on July 18 2018

Sue’s top tips for fun-filled summer days  …

Hi everyone, Sue here, founder of Time to Dress Up and Chief Plan Hatcher extraordinaire. Read my tips for summer and be sure to make it your best summer ever.

For those days when the sun shines …

Wherever you live, whether it’s in the countryside or even in a big city, why not head out on a nature hunt. Make a list of things you can expect to spot where you’re going – trees, flowers, birds, animals and insects – and get everybody to tick them off their list when they spot them and why not offer a little prize for the winner.   Or head to the local park – all that space to run around, play ball or frisbee.  If there’s a pond or lake, be sure to take some food for the ducks – sweetcorn, frozen peas, oats and even lettuce are best as bread is not good for ducks.  After all that, there’s nothing better than laying on the grass in the shade with a book to read or colour.

 If you’re stuck indoors ….

Create your own nature trail using clay or plasticine and things you can find in the garden to make fun animal shapes, using stones, twigs, grass or leaves to decorate them. 


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