Fresh air in the Great Outdoors …

Posted on July 18 2018

Fresh air in the Great Outdoors …


It’s right there in your own back garden!  So it’s time for some fun, plus don’t forget the fresh air, exercise and vitamin D is good for little people.  Here’s a few simple ideas to try: 

  • Water Fight!  All you need is a bucket of water and some sponges! 
  • Get crafty … make Pet Rocks – very on-trend right now – find some smooth pebbles (wash them first) and give the children acrylic paints or paint pens and let their creativity shine out. 
  • Play time … painted stones in two different colours and make a game of noughts and crosses using some sticks.  
  • Make a Den – everybody loves this one!  Just use some sticks and an old bed sheet.  Maybe they could paint the fabric with handprints and they’ll have hours of fun inside.
  • Green fingers – make plantpot people (use yoghurt pots if you don’t have flower pots).  Glue pots together and let them decorate as they like, then plant cress or mustard in the upright pot and watch as it grows “hair”. 
  • Blow bubbles – they’ll have loads of fun blowing and popping bubbles.

Don’t forget to share your own ideas and top tips for having fun with the little ones in the Great Outdoors. 


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