Give the Gift of Imagination this Christmas

Posted on November 27 2014

Giving gifts to children at Christmas is a truly magical feeling as you watch them rip off the paper with so much excitement and joy.

You may buy children Christmas gifts they’ve specifically asked for on their list to Santa, but it’s always good to have a few surprises in their stocking. And what could be better than seeing your children taking on a character as their imagination runs away with them?

At Time to Dress Up you’ll find a vast range of high quality children’s dress up costumes, the kind you don’t find on the high street.  Read on and find the perfect Christmas gift to match your little one’s personality, then watch them dress up and play make believe time and again.


Under the sea, it’s wetter and it’s better for a water baby

Baby Octopus Dress Up

Anyone with a baby will be familiar with attempting to get them dressed with arms and legs moving everywhere, just like a slippery octopus! Now they can live up to their reputation with our fabulously detailed costume, complete with tentacles. Available in 3 sizes ranging from 6-18 months and priced at £38

Sometimes, not always, a little monster!

Baby Monster Dress Up

This premium costume features stripy horns, a spotty belly, monster eyes and big fluffy patches of hair.  Your little monster will easily get their way in this super cute dress up! Available in 3 sizes ranging from 6-18 months and priced at £38

Children’s Big Blue Monster Dress Up

Super furry with big claws and horns, your little one with love running around causing monster chaos! Available in 3 sizes ranging from 18 months to 5 years and priced at £30

Got yourself a cheeky monkey?

Baby Cheeky Monkey Dress Up

An extra special treat for your cheeky little monkey, this fully lined quality dress up comes complete with tail, and how can you resist those ridiculously cute ears! Available in 3 sizes ranging from 6-18 months and priced at £38

Ride ‘Em Cowboy

Baby Cowboy Dress Up

There must be a lot of little boys out there that love to play at being a cowboy as this is one of our most popular costumes, yee-haw! Available in 3 sizes ranging from 6-24 months and priced at £22 Why not complete the look with our ride on pony dress up for the ultimate Christmas gift for your little cowboy or girl?

Your Pretty Little Princess

Children’s Floral Princess Dress Up

Little girls love to dress up and feel like a princess so we have a range of princess dresses available.  My personal favourite is this stunning floral dress with beautiful lace detail which will make any little girl feel like royalty. Like nothing they’ll have ever seen before, this dress up is available in 3 sizes ranging from 3-10 years and priced at £45.  I only wish this was available in adult sizes so I could feel like a royal princess too!

Away with the Fairies

Children’s Peach Melba Fairy Dress Up

If your little one loves the magical land of make believe, then they’ll love our range of colourful fairy dresses. The peach Melba Fairy is one of my favourites, with a beautiful mix of colours and fabrics and completed, of course, with a special magic wand. Available in 4 sizes ranging from just 18 months to 8 years and priced at £20




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