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Posted on January 14 2015

I think it’s always best to have a theme for a kid’s party, it ties everything together and is more exciting for the kids if they can dress up and feel part of the adventure. Some party themes can be tricky if they’re a little grown up for smaller guests or quite gender specific like a Princess party. An animal themed party is all encompassing, great for any age of child, any gender and can run across all aspects of a children’s party.

You can define an animal party in the broadest sense, or be more specific with a jungle, zoo or pet theme for example. For the purpose of this article, any animal goes.

Welcome to the Jungle

To decorate for an animal party, streamers in green and brown can be made from crepe paper and hung from the ceiling to transform your room into a jungle or forest. Think about adding paw prints to the floor or outside leading to the door using (removable!) stickers or painting some on in washable paint. If your animal party is of the farmyard variety scatter some hay around the party room. Balloons can be bought in a variety of animal prints, or you could bunch a load of green ones together to create a treetop effect

Feel adventurous? Try your hand at balloon animals!  There are lots of how to guides on the web and kids are always super impressed with the magic of a balloon animal!

Party Animals

Party games are a must to keep the kids entertained and stop them running wild. Here are our top 5 animal themed activitys…

Sleeping lions - Have all the children lie down and pretend to be a sleeping lion.  Explain that if they ‘wake up’ they’ll be out of the game. Try to wake them up by making them laugh or pretending there’s something interesting to look at. The last sleeping lion is the winner.

Safari hunt – Hide small plastic animal figures around the party venue and equip the children with toy binoculars to go and hunt them out within a set time limit.  The child with the most figures at the end wins! 

Pin the tail on the donkey – Of course a donkey is the traditional animal used in this game, but feel free to change this if another animal suits your theme better. Print a picture of a tailless animal and some separate tails from the internet.  Give a tail to each child with some blu-tack attached, blindfold them, point them at the ‘donkey’ and let them attach their tail.

Flamingos - Have all the children stand on one leg and pretend to be a flamingo.  Try to unbalance them by making them laugh or dashing around them. The last flamingo standing is the winner.

Animal cookie decorating – Bake some cookies the night before the party cut in the shape of animals.  Put them out on a table with icing pens, sprinkles etc and let the kids decorate their own cookie.

Feeding Time at the Zoo

You can turn normal party food to animal feed with a bit of imagination.  For example; Popcorn can be chicken feed, banana chips are monkey treats, Sausage rolls are pigs in blankets and raisins? Why they’re ants of course! Plan your party food and get creative with the naming, and your party buffet will soon become feeding time at the zoo.  You can also use animal shaped cookie cutters to turn pizza and sandwiches into a more interesting animal themed snack.

Be sure to add a ‘Feed the Animals’ sign to your buffet table!

See You Later Alligator

At the end of the party, you’ll probably want to send your guests home with a party bag. A lovely alternative to this for an animal theme party, is to have the kids all adopt an animal.  To do this, buy some small cuddly animal toys and put them in ‘pen’, then as the children are leaving they can choose an animal to name and take home with them.

Take a look at our huge range of quality animal fancy dress costumes for babies and older children, perfect for any animal theme party.  Be sure to share your pics of your little party animals, we’d love to see how it all goes!


  • Lilinha Espindula: January 15, 2015

    What a lovely party! It’s little man’s birthday soon, so I will be using some of the ideas from here! :) x

  • angela hamilton: January 15, 2015

    I LOVE these ideas. My son’s 5th birthday party is at the end of this month and you have just given me some great ideas to keep the kids entertained.

    Thank you!!


  • atosa nikkhah: January 15, 2015

    lovely pictures your boy is so cute looks like it was a fun day!

  • lisa prince: January 15, 2015

    being mum of 7 i know exactly what its like when its feeding time at the zoo , i dont need to invite anyone to a party ts one in itself every day lol x
    Could just eat that cake though its a tasty treat x

  • Bintu @ Recipes From A Pantry: January 15, 2015

    I have a children party this weekend and already have pin the tail on the donkey but I will be using your animal cookie idea too.

  • Rachel: January 15, 2015

    Sleeping lions looks like it could be fun to try when mummy needs a break too ;) x

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