Quick and Easy Face Paints for Busy Parents Ayshea Elliott December 10 2014, 8 Comments

What is it about kids and face paint? Honestly, I can’t think of anything that is so universally liked by every child I know, I mean, I can even think of a couple of children that don’t like chocolate, but face paints? Not one!


I must admit to being a fan of the old face paints myself. If only the little blighters would sit still a bit longer, I think I would be even be pretty good. In case you’re looking for a few face paint ideas, here are some I have done in my time.


Comment below if any of them are of particular interest and I’d be happy to do a step by step guide.


Pirate Facepaints


Ahoy me hearties, let’s sail the seven seas and all that! Here are some of my best pirate facepaints:




Tiger Facepaints


Love these ones because the kids can’t help but roar at themselves in the mirror when they have them on!



Spiderman Facepaints

Every kid I know love Spiderman facepaints and it’s pretty easy to do too.




Lion Facepaints

I’m not going to try and take credit for this one, this was done while we were at Disney’s Hollywood Studios so it’s a little more professional than my ones!



Skeleton/Skeleton Pirate Facepaints


Actually quite terrifying! We did these for Halloween this year but the kids loved it so much we have done it a few times since too.



Cat Facepaints


This is a pretty popular choice too, quite easier than it looks and quick to do for fidgets!


We have a range of face paints available to buy here if you are running short.

If you'd like a step by step guide to any of the face paint looks, please leave a comment below.

Ayshea xxx